Pfila YB

oder ähnlich. Herzliche Gratulation zum erkämpften Schweizermeister.


Call from the Universe.


Alla Prima.

Kunst beginnt in der Natur. Darum sind Wanderungen auch eine sehr inspirierende Sache, vorausgesetzt man ist empfänglich für die schönen und speziellen Momente.

Der Künstler ist bloss ein Registrierapparat der Sinne, er übersetzt das erlebte und gesehene. Aber wehe er mischt sich ein in den Übersetzungsvorgang- das Werk wird minderwertig.   -Paul Cezanne






The comfort way. This here is my new tool to go further (more as 10km) with my Deuter backpack 65+15. It’s amazing it feels like hiking with 5 kg on your back, instead of the usual (back-hurting) 25. It rolls like a Rolls Royce™ and even have breaks when going steep downhill.  Just be aware of people, because they’ll look at you if you would come straight from Mars. :-D.

All in all a very handy backpacking-vehicle that weighs little less than 10kg. Its a technical masterpiece build by a smart german guy called Ben. The top-plate is CNC machined from a 4mm alloy-sheet with lots of holes and cut-outs, which makes it even lighter to carry around. The wheels are a super light too, 20″ plastic-rim, equipped with disc-breaks and  famous german „Schwalbe Marathon“- tires. 

I do get that awesome-quality- feeling from it. It works as expected and every detail is nicely solved. It’s simply clever.

To most people, the Benpacker looks like a simple trekking-dolly, but don’t get fooled by how it looks. Once you get used to it, you’ll see more than just that, it becomes your new hiking-buddy. There isn’t really much to improve. Well, maybe the line for the disc-break -system could be a bit more symmetric and let’s say…precise.

Anyway, happy wandering everyone! :-)

More about that special hiking-wander-vehicle you can find here.