Lavage. Ortlieb hält was es vespricht; 100% wasserdicht!





The comfort way. This here is my new tool to go further (more as 10km) with my Deuter backpack 65+15. It’s amazing it feels like hiking with 5 kg on your back, instead of the usual (back-hurting) 25. It rolls like a Rolls Royce™ and even have breaks when going steep downhill.  Just be aware of people, because they’ll look at you if you would come straight from Mars. :-D.

All in all a very handy backpacking-vehicle that weighs little less than 10kg. Its a technical masterpiece build by a smart german guy called Ben. The top-plate is CNC machined from a 4mm alloy-sheet with lots of holes and cut-outs, which makes it even lighter to carry around. The wheels are a super light too, 20″ plastic-rim, equipped with disc-breaks and  famous german „Schwalbe Marathon“- tires. 

I do get that awesome-quality- feeling from it. It works as expected and every detail is nicely solved. It’s simply clever.

To most people, the Benpacker looks like a simple trekking-dolly, but don’t get fooled by how it looks. Once you get used to it, you’ll see more than just that, it becomes your new hiking-buddy. There isn’t really much to improve. Well, maybe the line for the disc-break -system could be a bit more symmetric and let’s say…precise.

Anyway, happy wandering everyone! :-)

More about that special hiking-wander-vehicle you can find here.









Portraiture Funday

Happy Springlight Alltogether. I had the pleasure to shoot one of my class mates back from highschool. It was a heck a lot of fun and brought some old (forgotten) memories back! I think the image says it pretty much! Andrea was amazing in front of the camera! Some people have just a natural talent for that portrait sort of thing.




Winterbiwak. Gemütlich ist im Fall anders. Aber manchmal geht es einfach darum, die persönliche Leidenskraft zu testen. Oder anders ausgedrückt: Die archaischen Substanzen in uns zu reaktivieren. :-D











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