film is not dead:

Colorfilm choices for Landscape photography

• I still shoot film

• Why film?

• How to Develope film at Home?



My Point of View – yves‘ sicht auf tägliches

ROCART – art that simply rocs!

• Restart urgently needed – beautiful, well written stories of life


the others: 

Jonas Peterson –  a wedding pro

Joe McNally Photo – people & environmental portraiture

• Magnum Photos – hall of fame

• Andreas Feusi – hochzeitsfotograf

Charles Peterson – music in pictures

DIY Photography – do it your own way

Kevin Mullins – Fuji X Photographer based in UK 

• Nord Coast Photography – wedding photography

Richard Avedon Photography – master in portrait photography

Strobist – learn how to light

The Pictorial – Fuji X Photographer based in Canada

• Vivian Maier – Street photographer from Chicago / New York (1926-2009)

Zack Arias – Photographer based in Georgia Atlanta

• Sawdust – Insanely great design