@ Biel/Bienne.  The light was very forgiving but changing every five minutes from overcast to sunny. Using flash with an orange gel foil was the solution. ;-).

shooting weddings – 8 thoughts to think of. 


1. Preperation is key. Don’t go there without preperation. Know your camera and lenses. Check out the location before the big moment. Write down a shooting list, what you want to shoot. 

2. Bring your own food and bottled water. Because you won’t have time to sit down and having a meal with guests. Even if they ask you, don’t make exceptions. Your brain is programmed to shoot shoot shoot. So, you won’t have the time.

3. Shoot in RAW. Format your memorycards. Charge all your batteries. Bring two cameras, just in case something go wrong.

4. You MUST have a flash. But what’s more important you need to know how to use it. If you hate flash, learn how to use it.

5. Be relaxed and have fun. This is very important. If you’re not smiling, you do something wrong.

6. Remember the couples and their names. Have small-talks with guests, it makes everything a lot easier.

7. Be extremely likeable to everyone.  

8. Expect the unexpected. Don’t pack your camera when you leave, the best moments just happen when you haven’t your camera ready.







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