So, what’s my age again?

I believe skateboarding has something that no other sport has to offer. It’s a very independent, creative sport. It’s more a kind of art.

Why did I start with it? Because you can do it whenever, wherever, and however you want to. There are no rules, no coach who is telling what to do. You are your own teacher. Besides that, it teaches you how to deal with pain. Which can transformed to real-life. If you push yourself and try new things over and over and over and over again, someday you will land that new trick. It’s just like life works. Don’t be afraid of even get started. Falling is okay as long you get up and try again. Skateboarding means to fall. Like a little baby who tries to walk on both legs.

Rodney Mullen the founder of street skating said once: „Skateboarding is as much, or more, an art of mode of expression than it is a sport. What skateboarding has given me is precisely that: a form of expression that drew me to it, and, in so doing, I was able to express and be who I wanted to be through it, in a sense“.




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