Your most beloved ones

Portrait Mom & Dad, 2017.

Sometimes, I just forget, what really matters in life. As photographers we take tons of pictures every year and can’t wait to shoot the next hundred frames around the corner. Sometimes I need to hold my breath and calm down a bit from that highway of light and take the next exit to sweet home.

My Parents are like most parents usually are…Mom always cares about us, talks more as she listen, but that’s Mom, she was always like that. That’s fine, that’s my mom. She just loves to talk and laugh around good company. Dad IS just like on the photo, totally the opposite of her. Maybe that’s the reason they fit perfectly together. He likes to listen and rethink what other just said. He’s smart introvert-thinking-mode made always the big choices for our family. He worked real hard his whole life, just to make sure everything is all set and we have enough food on the table. He never really complaint about, it was always his duty, and I believe he’s very proud of it. 

And so I am. Of  both of you! I would not be the person I am today without your constant patience and love.

Thank you.




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