The shortest camera review ever

Yes I did it. Just to write this hands-on-review.  :-)

Well, I thought it could be interesting to some to hear my user-opinions, no, don’t worry! No pixel peeping and boring ISO-testcharts here. Just some thoughts about a piece of plastic with fancy technology built in. Yes the d750 is an amazing machine gun, to be specific.

The first time I ever hold that ugly beast in my hand felt strange. It’s been a while, because I shot with smaller Fuji-cameras and still do, but honestly: It – felt – like – a – dinosaur. That thing is BIG. First touch with the camera shocked literally my rangefinder-retro-heart. 


Why a bulky dslr again? WHY WHY WHY? Well…let me explain:

I was looking for a digital camera with a 35mm-chip. In a price range I can afford. My dream camera is a Leica M 240. But this is just a dream. Forget it, out of reach….no, no and no. Maybe in twenty years.

Sooo, other options? Ok, I wanted a camera that works with my old Nikon glass, flash, batteries, memorycards and all that stuff. And this time I didn’t make the mistake to look only at the outside. The inside is more important (even with cameras): And there’s that beautiful Sony-Chip with 24MP @ 36x24mm. It’s mind blowing. Really. 

„I felt like back in the days when I bought my very first dslr. Lots of Aaahs and Oooohs“

ISO6400. Tripod? You don’t need one. You can shoot that thing at ISO 6400, no need for a tripod, dude.


The D750 is a remarkable dslr, it has more than I ever asked for:

  • True 35mm Sensor (23.9x35mm)
  • Two (2) memorycardslots
  • Video-Mode (almost fullframe, 36x20mm)
  • Built in Flash
  • Tilt Screen (If you need one)
  • Weight: 750g with Batterie
  • Environmental Sealing
  • Good Auto White Balance
  • Charging Batteries via USB
  • „D4-ish“ Autofocus-Modul
  • Old Nikkor Ais-Lens support
  • APS-C Shooting Mode (who wants this?)
  • Dynamicrange of 14.3 stops!

Yes that Dynamicrange is ridiculous! It’s like having a medium format camera.

Downsides: Only 1/4000 shutter speed and 1/200s flash sync. It’s still a dslr.

Conclusion: Imagine having a NikonD7000 with a full frame chip. The camera gets a lot things perfectly right. Highly recommend! DP-Review rated this camera with 90% (GoldAward)

Question: What makes a camera lovable?  Answer: A camera is just a tool, you love to shoot with, easy to carry around and takes awesome photos. When you pick up your favorite camera, you don’t think about the design how great it looks, you think about the pictures you will bring back home, like a trophy. And this is where this camera shines, it creates wonderful pictures! It fills the gap of my other Fuji-APS-C lineup. It’s like having a big rotary hammer in my photography tool chest, just in case I need one to nail that portrait, wedding or cityscape. For street photography it’s a bit too much of gear. People get scared and shy away.

Don’t fool yourself and buy another crop (crap) camera, Fullframe is so much more!


What a workhorse.

Like I said, works beautifully with my old manual Nikkors, even with my big fave the AIS 28mm 2.8. 

More pictures?

ISO2500 / ƒ2.8 / 1/80s. Easy.


or here…If I would have shot this with an APS-C camera, you would probably not even look at it.




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