Meet my mechanic friends

They don’t say much, but that’s ok. Wherever I go, they come with me. Not all at once, of course.

My favorite is the Rolleiflex on the left. And the small Rollei 35s. These cameras have soul, you can tell when you hold it in your hand. Amazing photographic tools. Rollei is known for very thoughtful german engineering,  just like Leica. Back in the 60ies this was the camera brand of choice for most serious  photog. Today- they can still swap the floor with the digital world.

The one in the middle is the only digital camera in the whole gang, it’s my trusty Fujifilm X100s. I like it because its the only digital camera who has that retro- analogue-feel. Can’t describe it, it’s kinda magic. Most picture here on my blog are captured with this cute little baby.

The huge Mamiya C330 is another classic I adore. It makes wonderful pictures, see it here! The only downside with this guy, its heavy and built like a tank. Usually I take it only for short walks in the park, you won’t go further because of it’s weight.

The Nikon on the top, is my favorite for just EVERYTHING. It’s like a swiss army knife. That thing works and works and works and works. It never let me down.


My mechanic friends


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