The Legend

Warning: photographer’s tech talk.

Nikon’s AI-S 28mm ƒ2.8. 

Nikon let their designers go wild on this one. Instead of a simple 5 element design that every other 28mm f/2.8 lens uses, including the original AF version, this lens has EIGHT elements in EIGHT groups. This allows it a level of correction seen in no other Nikon wide angle lens. No other Nikon 28mm lens comes this close. This lens is a dream to use. Perfectly straight lines and tack sharp from ƒ2.8 all the way up. It’s the sharpest wide-angle lens Nikon has ever build. Plus: The manual focus is a joy to use, you feel like back in the old days when photography was cool and all manual.

Every photographer I know has his own favorite focal range and 28mm is to me spot on. It’s not too wide and still not too tight. It sits somewhere in the middle. A great lens for walk around and never get tired of it.

If you own a Nikon this lens is a MUST have. You will love it, hands down.


Stay sharp and keep shooting!


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