Vor dem Frost.

(Kodak Portra 400 / Nikon FM3a) 

When I started with photography, my trusty Minolta film camera was the tool to go. But back in the early 90ies, film wasn’t that great. Todays film became better. Way better: richer, crispier and sharper! Better tones with less grain.

Im very happy that a company like Ilford even produce new b&w film series, these are really great news! They do believe that film has a future.

I still love the look of film better. And as long there’s film around I shoot film, quite simple. Lot’s of people are afraid of shooting film, or worse: They even don’t know what film is. Most think it’s complicated. But I can tell you this: It’s not, it’s actually easier as you may think. Turn it this way: As long my grandmother knew how to use a film camera…then you can do it too- just better. (Little beside note: no, you don’t want to know my grandma. No, really).

How to start with analogue:

1. Buy one (or two) cheap film camera and try it for yourself.

2. Buy film, Kodak Ektar 100 or Fuji Pro400H / FujiPro160 are my favorites. If you rather shoot b&w, try Kodak TRI-X400, this one is classic!

3. Shoot Ektar at ISO100, Fuji Pro400H at ISO320 and Kodak X-TRI400 at ISO400.

5. Set your camera to Programm-Mode

4. Load the film, set the ISO and shoot your heart out.

5. Bring the film to the lab and ask ‚em to include a picture CD.

6.  Homework for the serious hobbyists: Learn to shoot in full manual-mode.

7. Next step: Try to develop your b&w films at home.




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