The Real Deal!

The first picture with an old film camera is always very special to me, especially when Im dealing‘ with medium format cameras- just because you have no clue is it still working or not?  The only way to figure out for yourself is to load it up with some film, go out, take a couple of shots and send it to the lab. After that comes the loooong wait. It feels like you’re waiting for a very important phone call of something that means the world to you.

And then comes the moment you load up the files into your computer…and you see ‚em the very first time. WOW! AWESOME!  You can’t believe what you see in front of your eyes. It’s amazing that after 60 years that thing you call medium format-camera, still produce such pretty photographs! It is really amazing.

I love shooting with a waist level camera like the Rolleiflex. People don’t see you, ok they see you with that thing around your neck but they have no clue what you’re doing. Some are even afraid of that metal box, sure you carry some slight magic. But most people find it very amusing, that „young“ photographers like me, still use very old outdated cameras. Well you simply can’t dislike a Rolleiflex, just because it looks sooo damn cute and beautiful :-D.


Straight lines


Rolleiflex T3.5


same but different


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