5 good reasons

warning: photographers gear talk.

Fuji did some amazing things in the last couple years. It all started with the retro-rangefinder Xpro. Later on the X100 and X100s came out. And now the X-T1. Im curious what’s next. Mediumformat rangefinder? ;-)

Here are five reason’s why I stick with Fuji and believe it’s a great camera-system.

Reason #1. – Fuji they listen to photographers and their „problems“ and try to solve things fast and immediately. They really listen to us. Therefore I like their support and customer service. Reason #2. – I absolutely adore the Fuji-colors, haven’t use a camera before that renders colors so beautiful. Reason #3. – It’s amazing how these cameras handle white-balance in mixing light-situations. Take a shot in tricky light with different light sources – BOOM, those cameras capture it as we see it with our own eyes, quite fascinating. Reason#4. The Fuji lens-lineup is another good reason to stick with it, great quality glas and still affordable for people like me. Reason #5. – Great build-quality, classic beautiful design. These cameras just work, never had a significant issue like unsharp images or corrupted files on the memory card. When I pickup my X100s, I feel a strong, let’s say emotional-connection. Have never experienced this with a dslr. Everything feels just right in place and I love to shoot with it. 

So…is Fuji the new Leica? No it’s not, just because we shouldn’t compare camera brands. But if we do, turn it this way: It’s a very close, affordable match. Leicastyle for the poor, nuff said.



Nice. Fuji handles auto whitebalance the way we want. or even better yet – the way we see it. Okay it’s just a tiny detail, but at the end of the day it’s important.



Fuji colors. It’s kinda magic.



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