shooting weddings

It’s easy to say yes- easy to agree with- but actually hard as shit to do, in term of doing it right and not messing up the big day. I speak here honestly from my own experience shooting weddings for friends and family.

So you are an amateur photographer who has been shooting for a while, and everyone in the family has seen you running around with your d-SLR for some time now, and have generally acknowledged, that you are the family photogr. You took the pictures of Uncle Bob’s 50th birthday, and he was pleased with the results, and your sister has asked you to take photos of her kids which turned out also great.




Word gets around and your cousin decides that it would save her a lot of money if you would take the photos of her wedding. Maybe her husband-to-be spent a little too much on her engagement ring and is now looking to save some cash. She says that she has seen your shots and thinks that you would be a perfect photogr. for her big day. You would like to do it, because after all, you just love taking photos, and you feel that a while you haven’t shot a wedding before, it can’t be that or hard. You are very tempted to take her up on her offer and shoot the wedding.

Sounds familiar? If it doesn’t yet it probably will one day. Most keen amateur photogr. come across the circumstance at some stage in their lives, and many will choose to be the wedding photogr. A lot of the time, turns out OK and the bride and groom are happy with the results. Sometime’s, however, the day doesn’t go so well, and the photogr. is left with the knowledge that they have messed up one of the most important days of a couple’s life.

Im not saying that all amateur photogr. shouldn’t accept the opportunity to photograph a wedding for friend. In fact, many amateurs are truly inspired and competent event phtotgr. and will do an excellent job. What Im saying is that you, as the photogr, need to understand the implications of accepting the job, the skills required to do it competently and successfully, the equipment you will need, and the planning needed to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

So before you agree and shake hands with the wedding couple, think twice. It’s not about you and your pictures. It’s not about yr photography-ego either. It’s about not messing up their big day as a photogr. from a practical point of view it all starts with good even exposures and ends with lots of candid moments of the event. Put a color ballanced flashgun into the mix and we are talking. Good wedding photography is true art. Just sayin…


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