What you shoot is what you are

A more honest look into the MBTI description the Artist, Composer or Sensitive doer or just the four letters-code ISFP. What character are you? You might take the test here to find out for yourself:-). Let’s face the facts. ISFP or not, here are the things this character describes me in a bunch of nice pictures. Must say this is just the good part. :-)

1. First things first. They have a strong feeling for freedom and the simple easy life. In one word those are the „free souls“ or „free spirits“. The musician Jack Johnson is a good example. Before he got into music he was a surfer.


2. Likely to be original and creative


3. Extremely well-developed senses and aesthetic appreciation for beauty and art.


4. Usually play an instrument (or a few) and love music, any kind.


5. Loves to travel and likes beautiful places.


6. Appreciates flowers. Can’t help but the ISFP is very attracted to yellow. Van Gogh’s favorite color.


7. They have an extreme good taste for fashion (and fine food as well). They like fashion and trendy new styles. Some of ‚em are real trendsetters, avantgarde.


8. They hate crowded areas. In social settings very quiet and shy.


9. Loves takin‘ pictures. And are true purists.


10. They see the world thru rose-tinted glasses. That’s why they tend to overprocess photos, and appreciate the warm-side of colors.


11. Are good with  young childrens and pets.


12. ISFP’s like to build something that they finally can see, smell or touch. Therefore „Sensitive doers“ have no problem to get their hands dirty. And therefore they are true masters with tools.


13. Loves the wilderness. They feel connected to it. Some even with wild animals.


14. Last but not least; ISFP or the artist enjoys time to be alone.  It’s simply a strong need for ‚em.  They need to think, reflect and recharge their inner batteries. This is an introvert-kinda-thing.


Famous People with ISFP Personality: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, Prince, Barbara Streisand, Georges Harrison, Robert de Niro, Uma Thurman,  Brad Pitt, Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh, Auguste Rodin, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Diane Arbus (photographer)…

Fictional Characters with ISFP Personality: Tom Bishop (Spy Game), The new character of Lara Croft (Tomb Raider 2013), Gina Montana (Scarface), Beatrice Kiddo, the Bride (Kill Bill), Harry Potter (Harry Potter), Luke Skywalker (Star Wars), Nancy (Sin City). In short: The ISFP usually plays the role of the quiet, sexy assassin.


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