On Assignment: The Pen

Had the pleasure yesterday, to shoot another set of beautiful macros. Ok let’s get this straight; Dust is a big issue, when it comes down to macro-photography with a couple, battery-powered, speedlights. You see everything, even fingerprints. Totally not kidding. Anyway, after every set we cleaned up  the subject and the black shiny surface very carefully, but still, there were unwanted particles on the images. Thankfully there’s an easy and quick way in photoshop to remove the „unwanted bright pixels“. I still think we did great on those couple frames, even if some images needed to be fixed, later in Photshop. ;)

Strobes & Lights: Lightbox 80x80cm, 3 flashes – left, right and behind the box. Nikon D7000 & AFS 60mm micro @ f8 / 1/125 ISO400. Ah yes here’s my stupid diagram.


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