What I learned about shooting weddings.

Shooting weddings can be very stressful for every photographer especially when things doesn`t turn out the way you hoped for.
I really made my own experience when it comes to shooting a whole wedding. The worst thing I had to live with was unsharp images. I was renting a 50mm lens that was quite unsharp. I didn`t realize it until I got home with tons of photos. This is something that really gives you a headache. Wedding images can be everything but if they are unsharp you feel like the biggest looser.

Here are some things I would recommend and think about.
Get the right glass: 20mm/35mm/50mm/24-70mm/85mm. Know your lenses! Keep always an eye on your current shutterspeed, *moving people! Get a 2nd Camera!
Power? Right, make sure to have enough batteries in your pocket for flash and camera. Keep things very simple, think fast and move quick. Look forward, what`s next happening. I know this is probably the hardest part – To see what’s gonna happen next.
Use your flash off camera.

Checklist? Yes write down what you want to shoot! Without shootlist I would not even start. Bring your own food. Because you wont have the time to sit down and have lunch. Shoot-shoot-shoot. Weddings are usually once a life, and they won`t repeat. Don`t be late. Last but not least; Do not forget to smile:-)

*Shutterspeeds: 1/60 = Portraiture if people don`t move 1/125 = Slow moving people 1/250 = Kids and pets – underneath you won`t get any sharp images. That`s why I highly recommend fast apertures like f2.8 or even faster. Or use flash.


4 Kommentare

  1. „You don`t get another chance, weddings are usually once a life, and they won`t repeat“ … only every 2nd ;-)

    Ansonsten empfehle ich den Job anzugehen wie jeden Anderen. Mehr zu zeigen als effektiv stattfindet, kann auch ein Fotograf mit scharfen Linsen nicht.

    PS: Es wäre nun Zeit Glühwein zu trinken. Oder ist grad Weihnachtsstress ausgebrochen i’r bude?

    Gefällt mir

  2. Stimmt. Heute wird ja mind. zweimal geheiratet.
    Das Schulhus am Viktoriaplatz braucht dringend ein Facelifting, das hält mich aber kaum ab vom Glühwein trinken :-).
    Wieder zurück? Welcome back! Call me.

    Gefällt mir

  3. Weddings are SO stressful and exhausting. The ones I’ve shot have gone well, but boy do they tire me (I don’t really like being in crowds). Anyhow, you take wonderful pictures and I’m sure the bride and groom LOVE your shots even if you feel they aren’t sharp enough :)

    Gefällt mir

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