Testdrive: Lumiquest Softbox III

First things first: What is a softbox anyway? It`s a box  with a difusor attached on the front to produce very soft light from small lightsources like a speedlight. The surface inside of the box is in most cases silver or white to spread the light. Softboxes comes in very different sizes from small to huge like they are used in studios on big lights. The bad thing about those huge boxes you can`t put `em in your camerabag:) So this one here is just designed to use it with small flashguns. More after the jump…

What can I say? It`s a portable softbox that folds flat to the size of a magazine. Love to have one of those in my camerabag, just in case, when softness is really important to me, like shooting faces. When the flash is on camera with the softbox attached, it feels a bit oversized, heck be prepared about funny comments. But Im using this lightshaping tool 95% off camera (photo), and I think this is the way how to use it. The softness that it produce is good. Remember: As bigger the lightsource, as softer the light. To attach the box to your flashgun is also very easy:  Velcro on four sides to mount it on a flashhead. Fold it, stick it and shoot it. Questions? Size and weight is a big plus. The quality of light is great. Put a dome difusor on your flash first and the light gets soft like silk. Well, almost.

The SoftBox III is roughly twice the size of Lumiquest SoftBox I, thereby producing considerably softer shadows.  It fits conventional flashes (Nikon, Canon, Sunpak, Vivitar, etc.).  Like the original SoftBox (LQ-107) the SoftBox III is center weighted but it will block autofocus assist and interfere with auto exposure UNLESS you are using TTL.  For use when shadow/softness is more important than portability. Approximate Light Loss: 2 stops Dimensions: Folds flat to 8” x 9”. The price you pay around here is just crazy for a piece of „soft plastic“ (120.-CHF). But if you get it from B&H or Midwest Photo Exchange you`ll get it for 39.- or so.


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