The Two Boyz

Had the pleasure yesterday, to shoot my brother and his friend in front of his place. It was a nice evening with a beautiful sky wich gave us rich colors and good light.
I started with F8 at 1/60 and ended up with F5.6 at 1/15 (ISO160). We kinda liked that ambient light in the final frame. Here`s the thing: Shooting at low light with 1/60 at F8 or F5.6 (flashlight)  the image looks cold and harsh, no ambient light comes into the image.
So I decided to burn some nice ambientlight into the exposure and dragged the shutter down  to 1/15 wich gave me a mix of flash- and ambientlight, finaly you just need to find the right balance between those two lightsources. You do this with cranking up or down the shutterspeed. If you would change the aperture, both world (natural & flashlight) would change in the same direction. Same thing with ISO. If you crank the ISO from 100 to 200 you would get the image one full stop brighter. So the shutterspeed works like an „ambient-light-slider“. I know this may sound a bit complicated, but it`s actually pretty simple. Not kiddin`. Here is the setup of the shoot


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  1. Nicely done J! I love portraits in scenes like this. It tells a story… and your brother pouring the wine is a great touch. Love too the composition in front of the window with the painting in the distance. And of course the lighting rocks!

    Gefällt mir

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