Testdrive: Lastolite All in One Umbrella

Ok like I promised, here it is. The „Lastolite – all in one“. First things first. Why using an umbrella anyway? Let me explain – Well, we all know a light from a speedlight can be very hard or actually it is just hard light @ 5500 kelvin. That`s why a lot photogr love to bounce the light off white walls or ceilings to make that light a bit more softer. Umbrellas do the same. There are different types of that easy lightsoftening tool. White (reflective, produce very soft light)  translucent to shoot thru (harder light, but better quality of light) and reflective silver (a bit harder than white, but more powerful for small flash guns). Translucent is great. Beacause you have more control where your light goes. I like to use translucent for people faces and white for fill light. So heres the thing, why not having one handy umbrella in just one product?

The „Lastolite All in One“ umbrella comes with a cheap carrybag, it`s cheap but okay. The size is about 40″ and okay to use it with speedlights like Nikon SB800,SB900 or Canon 430EX, 580EX. To use it as reflective umbrella (silver) you need to remove the translucent cover first. When using it as a translucent shoot thru umbrella you loose about 0.7 of a full stop light. It`s  posssible to cover the half of the umbrella with black, so you can go very creative with it. To mount it on a lightstand you will need a stand & umbrella holder (tilthead, with a coldshoe for yr speedlight). Anyway,  all in all it`s a good product for the price you pay, could be a bit cheaper, but remember: It`s  a photo product:-) what means, you always pay a little bit more. Sample shot click here


2 Kommentare

  1. Thank you for this write up J! Very helpful. I like the idea of it being all in one, especially as I don’t have alot of storage space in my home for much equipment. I’m going to look into getting this.

    Gefällt mir

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