One Light Portrait

Playing around with flashes. And it`s real hard to make that lightsource a bit softer. Here is my best try for now. This setting is like a one light portrait solution…with just one flash, off camera. It`s always good to have a setup (that works) in yr brain, just in case if yr client does not have the time to wait, or the money to pay you:-)  More tk after the jump.

Anyway Lastolites „All in One“ umbrella worked fine here, covered with the black sheet, as you can see on the image. The camera was set to f5.6  1/90  (wich means almost no ambient light) @ISO100. Full manual mode on camera and flash, triggered by some cheap china triggers. Lens: 17-55@28mm. Ok here is the resault. Anyway, looks still a little to flashy and slightly to much of light went into the frame, we work on it;-)


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