Meet Mr. Fall

I almost thought this year I wont have the chance to shoot any fall colors, because of the ugly weather we had have for the last couple weeks. But yesterday was my lucky day! I was so rusty at first that after the first couple shots I felt like re-formatting my memory card and just starting over, seriously! Luckily, things got better, and I got a little more into the groove. It`s always like that, until I get a nice shot:-) Anyway, was pretty happy that I could capture some great fall colors, so far…More Tk







4 Kommentare

  1. Hello Mr. Fall! Nice you see ya? We haven’t seen much of Fall around here. It’s our Indian Summer, sorta. This season has started out strange I think, and for you too it sounds. I love the colors you’ve captured, and that bottom scene is so interesting with the reflections and leaves. I like it alot.

    Gefällt mir

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