Marseille, Cassis 2009

I`m back from my adventure trip. I went over to Marseille ( France ), to enjoy my very first holidays for this year so far! I`ve traveled by train and for some reason i have to say this; It was a disaster! My train-schedule didn`t work out as expected, all my connecting trains were wrong or delayed. But the cool thing about; I get some money back from SNCF:-)  My plan was hiking, camping, sleeping under the stars and of course doin` photography as well. I just learned 2 things on that excursion: I wont take my dSLR on a backpacking trip again (way 2 heavy ) and 2nd, less is more! Yeah my back still hurts, from carrying all that stuff with me. I mean my photo equipment was just one thing, but on the other hand you need a bunch of other things like sleeping bag, food, clothes, flashlight, water….it gets heavy and heavier.  At the end of the day it was those great views, the „untouched“ beautiful nature and the sun who got me back to smile:-) I`ve spent 5 days and 4 nights in Cassis. It`s such a peaceful and charmul little town, you might check out my gallery from summer 2007,  to get a quick overvew of that lovely town. Anyway here are some of my favorites from this year! Et Voilà:

_MG_0301eci8_Web _MG_0287eci8_Web _MG_0266eci8_Web _MG_9972eci8-E_Web _MG_0353eci8_Web _MG_0259eci8_Web

Panoramas;  the first and last were shot in Cassis, the sunset was taken in Marseille.

Untitled_Panorama1-E_Web _MG_9782-E_Web _MG_0233-E_Web

Canon EOS 50D / EF-S 17-55 / EF-S 10-22 / Polarizer & Grad.-ND Filters were used to take those shots. Thanks for reading & viewing!!!


8 Kommentare

  1. Jakob, your pictures are so beautiful. My favorites are the first shot on top, and the last one of the secluded little bay. The panoramas are awesome too. Ok, so maybe there weren’t any waves like the Pacific, but it sure looks like a beautiful place. I bet your back must hurt. I was always so sore from backpacking in the mountains, and I wasn’t even carrying camera gear at the time!

    Gefällt mir

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