EOS 20D vs 50D

Since last saturday Im a proud owner of this pretty new APS-C format camera Canon EOS 50D. I used to shoot over years with my old 20D, was most of the time very happy with it and it`s still a great camera! Since I tried some long exposured shots at night like startrails. The noise that you get when the sensor heats up was just to bad. So that made me thinking to get a newer better body. Im very happy with the 50D now, there`s not alot to complain about, really. Things are still similar compared to my old 20D. It wasn`t a whole new world to me, so the switch was pretty easy and quickly done.

Lets start on the outside; It got bigger, slightly tougher built as I expected. The LCD screen is much larger, I used to check my images on a tiny 1.8″ screen. On the 50D is now a 3″ screen where u really can see how sharp ( or not )  your images are. The autofocus on/off button is also a new great add! Some buttons on the back just moved down because of that large screen. All the rest is the same. Inside: It`s a new sensor DIGIC4 the same as you`ll find in the EOS 5D Mark II, only a bit smaller because of the APS-C format. I love to shoot up to ISO1600 and it`s still good enough, even ISO3200 at daytime can be fine. On my 20D No Way! So the Iso`s are a huge improvement! I also love to see the chosen Iso-settings in the viewfinder-view. Live view is a great add! The thing is just Im not used to it, sometimes I just forget all that great new stuff:-). I have to learn things new first!  Anyway, I love that new sensor-selfcleaning feature, that`s such a cool thing, and sure saves some time in my postprocessing workflow.

Ok let put things together, whats new compared to my EOS 20D:

  • Better ISO values ( up to 1600 or 3200 and still usable )
  • ISO full stops like 125 /250/500…Nice!
  • New DIGIC4 Sensor ( up to 15mp filesize )
  • 3″ Multicoated LCD Screen ( 920 pix, VGA res. )
  • Sensor Selfcleaning
  • Liveview
  • Autofocus on/off  button
  • Lens Correction Feature
  • Autofocus Micro Adjustment Tool ( in relation to every att. lens )

Downsides:  I have to be more careful with that large screen on the back, and it`s much harder to clean it, because it`s a multicoated screen. The battery life drops down pretty quick if I use liveview to often. Just keep photography simple, use that fancy feature only in tricky situations! What I still miss; that I don`t see the metering mode in the viewfinder-view. That I still have to remove the eyecap to cover the viewfinder on long exposure shots ( Tripod ), it needs a lot of time to do that, and I also lost one out in the field, just because of that. Why they just can`t include a damn button or something, similar you can find on the Nikon D700? I miss a digital level mode too. One thing I  don`t understand,  it`s on every Canon displaced. Why they put the DOF ( depth of field ) preview button to the left side of the lens? For me it`s not possible to reach it when I compose a shot! I always have to search for that button. Anyway, I guess there are still things Canon can improve, maybe it gets better with Canons allnew EOS 7D.

canon-50dYou can`t go wrong with the 50D. I highly recommend this camera! But wait! Canon has just released the 7D, this will be another great purchase in the APS-C-World! It seems to me that they have built a all new EOS that really stands out! Make no mistake, Canon wants to be the default choice again!


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